Introducing the IADA

The International Art Dealers Association.

An Association of
Reputable Art Dealers
founded on Qualitative Analysis
The IADA is an organization that provides certificates to trustworthy and reputable art dealers. Its purpose is to replace authentication organizations run by dealers themselves, and to put real-world, numeric meaning behind membership.


The IADA is a new foundation for art market certification. Membership in the IADA is rewarded to dealers whose IADA rating is above a certain threshold. This IADA rating is an automatically calculated, composite score of the dealer's user reviews and provenance rating.

Worse Provenance

Ex. old American collection

Better Provenance

Ex. Mr. Smith's Collection, New Jersey, USA

Best Provenance

Ex. Dr. John Smith's collection, purchased in 1990 from East Coast Antiques, New Jersey, USA; from thence by descent